Thursday, April 10, 2008

A New Point of View - Part One

I think that the best place to start this blog is with a testimony of what God has done in my life in the last three and a half years. It's kind of long, so in the interest of your all too precious time I'll divide it into several posts.

Hebrews 12:27 says that whatever can be shaken will be shaken and removed so that only eternal things will remain (my paraphrase). This testimony starts three years ago when God transplanted us from Virginia Beach, VA to Greensboro, NC. After a grueling job search that took over a year, God finally opened a door for my husband, Shawn, to get a job with a federal government agency. Though he requested the Norfolk, VA, office as his first choice, he was assigned to Greensboro – his second choice. We literally had to make the decision to go to Greensboro or stay in Virginia Beach in a matter of minutes. Though we really didn’t want to, we felt like Shawn was supposed to take the job and we were to move to Greensboro.

That was the first offense. My heart was broken. Even though I was a transplant to Virginia Beach my heart was there. That was my home. I was firmly planted in the church we attended there. I couldn’t understand what God was doing – why He was digging us up and moving us somewhere else. Shawn and I met there, married there, bought a home there, and had our first child there. We envisioned ourselves as potentially living our lives out there, working in the church where we were planted.

I guess in a way I idolized my life there because no matter how much I knew I needed to, I couldn’t let go of Virginia Beach and let my heart attach to the church and new life in Greensboro. I knew I needed to accept the new circumstances of my life, but I continued to mourn the life I had left behind. I was pretty miserable.

(To be continued...)


Shawn Stevens said...

Good job Steph, I am proud of you. Love, Shawn.

Lori said...

Hey sis, i liked reading your blogs. It was good to see how you are growing in your faith and hearing your side of life. Keep it up so I can learn even more about you.