Saturday, April 19, 2008

More About Sadey's Ear - Part Two

As I said yesterday, God has given us a different perspective about Sadey's ear than what the medical community has given us. This took place a couple of months ago. I was at church on a Wednesday night. In our church a bunch of people go stand right in front of the stage during Praise & Worship. I wasn't singing on stage that night, so I was holding Sadey while I was worshiping down front. An Elder in the church asked if he could hold her, so I let him. During the worship time our pastor heard God tell him to pray for healing. He came over and prayed for Sadey and then walked away. Later he came back and prayed for again. His wife also came over at the same time. They had been praying for different people and hadn't even looked at each other before they both came to us. They both stated that they felt that God was doing a creative miracle in Sadey's ear.

As I said in a previous post, God had previously showed me that Sadey's ear was
perfect for His purposes & He would use it to bring glory to Himself. So, we knew that some sort of miracle would take place. What we didn't know was what sort of miracle it would be, whether simply through the example of her life, through medical intervention, or through a creative miracle. But as Pastor Whit was praying for her, I saw ear being reconstructed cell by cell over time, causing it to open up like a flower blooming. As the ear grows bigger, it won't stay as it is, but it will grow open. Since then several other people have told me the same thing, confirming what God showed me.

So now we know what sort of miracle is taking place, and have further clarity about what God is doing for Sadey. We're in full agreement that it
is a creative miracle taking place even now.

I can't wait to see the repercussions of what God is doing for Sadey! She's a special child. For those of you that have not yet had the privilege of meeting her, she's a sweet, happy baby with an amazing personality. She loves people. There's a depth behind her eyes when she looks at people that's unusual for a child her age, as though she's looking right into your heart. I'm astounded and so grateful to God that He gave her to Shawn and me and assigned us to raise her, a responsibility I'm not sure I'm fully qualified for, but one He's giving me grace to perform. I've been told that she carries God's beauty. Before she was born it was prophesied that she would bring joy and peace with her to our family. So far that has proven to be true. Someone else prophesied that she will be a leader, a position that's unusual for a third child, but one I can definitely see her taking on. It's also been prophesied that salvations will take place as a result of God healing her ear. As I write this and contemplate all this I'm brought to tears over God's goodness and graciousness. He's an awesome and amazing Daddy.

Now, I'm well aware that some of you may not like what I've said in this posting.
If that's true I would challenge you to just stick with us through time and see what God does. For everyone, we covet your prayers. We know that Satan does not like to see God get any glory in our lives, so he tries to interfere. But I know that every time he interferes that it is yet another opportunity for us to overcome and for God to be glorified. So, please pray for us, and we will pray for you as well.

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