Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cat Scratch Fever? We'll See...

Insomnia... Man it drives me crazy. It is, unfortunately a regular night-time visitor. Not every night. It comes and goes. Usually it sticks around a couple of weeks at a time and then doesn't show up for another six weeks or so. Well, this time it took up residence for a week. So for a week I've been sleeping later than normal, so for a week I haven't blogged. But last night... well, last night I slept so well that Shawn couldn't wake me up to see Shaun White dominate the half pipe! I probably would've slept on till 6:30 if the little boy hadn't woken up at 5:20. But, then I wouldn't have had time to blog if I had.

So here's the lymph node drama update: Last Wednesday (after my blog posted, of course) I got another call from my surgeon. She said that the pathologist said that the lymph tissue they removed from my arm “showed the pattern of Cat Scratch Fever.” Well, other than fatigue, and my lymph nodes enlarging, I haven't had any other symptoms of Cat Scratch Fever. And, I haven't been scratched by either of my cats in so long, that I can't remember the last time I was scratched. As for the swelling, the plan was for me to come in this past Monday for my follow-up appointment, and she would drain off some fluid from my arm. But when I got there she said that she expected the swelling to be at the surgical sight, not in my tricep. She said that my surgical site actually looked really good, and was healing well, but the swelling in my arm wasn't normal. She referred me for yet another ultrasound to determine whether I had another swollen lymph node or a blood clot. Well, thank God, it's not a blood clot! It is another swollen lymph node, however. I see an infectious disease specialist today, so hopefully we'll get to the bottom of all this soon. I will be very happy to have full use of my arm again!

Through all this I've had the opportunity to see how amazingly valuable my husband really is. He has taken such good care of me for the last three weeks! He has taken time off work to take care of the kids. He has done extra work around the house to help me get ready for my Pampered Chef party on Friday (stoneware's on sale this month, yay!) He's trudged through when he wasn't feeling so well himself. He was feeling achy for a couple of days, but he did it all anyway. And, probably most importantly, he has encouraged me to start resuming some of my household duties as I've been able to without being overbearing. I really don't deserve him, considering all the stuff he's had to put up with from me. I've never been the best roommate. He's put up with a lot of stuff when others would have bailed. I'm so thankful for his commitment to our relationship. He's certainly not perfect, he is a man after all, but he's a good man, and I love him!

I'm also very grateful to God. This all would have been much more difficult to face without Him. I know I would have been full of fear if I hadn't been able to cast this care into His amazing hands. He has encompassed us with peace and has strengthened us. He has enabled us to wait through this time with grace. He has surrounded us with people that have stood with us in prayer and have supported us spiritually, emotionally, and practically. And, of course, He is the one who gave me my wonderful husband in the first place, not to mention the most fabulous kids that have helped to keep my spirits up. If God hadn't taken the time to instill a new level of character in me in the past few months, depression probably would have set in from the stress of dealing with illness. But, instead of going to despair, I've been able to rest in His peace. Even with all the pain and frustration and exhaustion, this really has been an amazing time! As I said before, this situation is an opportunity to glorify God, and He is glorified!

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