Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Procrastination Day

Wednesday has rolled around once again. Time for "No Procrastination Day" number two. (Hard to believe it's already been a whole week, huh?) I was wondering if momentum from last Wednesday would spill over into the other days, but it didn't, much. There was a little bit of momentum last Thursday, but once my parents left with our kids, the motivation waned. I did do okay Monday and yesterday (Sunday I didn't even have a chance to procrastinate), but I probably procrastinated at least as much as I didn't. So I think having an established "No Procrastination Day" is necessary for me. While I don't have anyone coming over tomorrow, there is a trip I need to get ready for. Friday morning we're heading out to see the in-laws. There's laundry that needs to get done, clothes that need to be folded, and packing to be done. I find packing very overwhelming, so I'll actually be more motivated to procrastinate though you might think the opposite would be true. Not for me! If there's a big task looming over my head I will probably try to avoid it as long as possible. So with "No Procrastination Day" I'm challenging myself to take that packing bull by the horns!

So, to update on yesterday, I did limit my computer time, though I could have limited it more. I tried to sneak some in during meal times. The kids and I worked on getting there bedrooms cleaned. Still not playtime, but we're getting there. I got some laundry put away and a couple of small loads washed (I figure two small loads equals one regular load). I still need to catch up on some folding, though. I didn't exercise yesterday, feeling the need to let my sore muscles rest, and remember I'm only shooting for twice a week right now. As far as volunteer duties, I completed everything I needed to do for yesterday in my allotted computer time, though I do have a couple of projects I need to catch up on.

My biggest flub yesterday was in the financial zone. Remember that I mentioned that I did procrastinate yesterday? Well, I had picked a recipe to make Monday that I didn't allow enough time for, so I was going to make it yesterday. Well, yesterday I was trying to nap and do some reading in the afternoon. I let myself take too long. I was looking at the clock thinking that soon I needed to get up and make supper, while convincing myself that I still had plenty of time. Well, I don't remember what time it finally was when I got up, but lets just say that I'm terrible when it comes to planning ahead. I started making the recipe, Mushroom Casserole, but I didn't look ahead to see what the total cooking time was. I got all the prep work and preliminary cooking done (by myself since Shawn is out of town right now), but it was after 7:00 and there was still an hour of baking to do. I almost cried! We were all hungry and I had done all that work, but still there was nothing to show for it! I called Shawn on the brink of tears and asked if I could order a pizza. So I gave the kids some bread while we waited for the pizza. I felt guilty because I hadn't planned ahead, which resulted in me giving the kids food that was not healthy for their bodies (which I understand even better with all the research I've been doing lately, which I'll get to in future posts) or for our budget. So I really need to get better on the planning ahead thing.

So what are my no procrastination goals for today? Get the laundry folded and at least two loads washed (yes, it's against the one-load-a-day rule, but sometimes the rule needs to be bent); make a list of everything we need to pack for the trip; work on one of my Worship Team projects; get the kids' bookshelf cleaned up (with their help); get the dishwasher emptied and reloaded; get the casserole in the oven early enough for an early supper (it's Wednesday - church night) and get off this computer so I can get to everything else on the list! ;) I know it sounds like a lot, but most of it won't take long if I'll just get started! Oh, and the kids need baths today, since we didn't get to it last night when supper was so late. So that might be too many things for my list for today. I'll just have to do my best.

I like chronicling my progress and lack thereof like this. I actually find it encouraging. Even though I haven't done anything perfectly yet, I can see that I am progressing. This is really big because I'm a perfectionist. I'm actually okay with making mistakes! That's just one of the things that lets me know that God is behind this and is empowering me on this journey.

So what are your no procrastination goals for today?

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