Friday, June 24, 2011

My Gratitude Journal, Days 1-4

I have decided to start posting the contents of my gratitude journal, hopefully daily. Occasionally I may include a quote or scripture as well. I try to write an average of 10 blessings each day. I plan to go to 1000, but I anticipate that I won't stop there. So here are the contents thus far...

I've entitled it: "Things For Which I am Thankful or Ways That Jesus Loves Me"

       1.  Salvation
       2.  Repentance and forgiveness
       3.  Blue orbs peeking out beneath spiraled blonde tendrils
       4.  The crocodile smile embracing the face of the first-born
       5.  The boy’s unabated curiosity 
       6.  The privilege to mother kids with special needs
       7.  The man with whom God has joined me 
       8.  Heaven’s great assembly—my FAMILY—cheering me on from Heaven’s
            grandstands. Lord, allow me not to disappoint. 
       9.  His grace, His strength, His breath, His beauty.
     10. Air’s substance filling my lungs
     11.  The enablement of determination 
     12.  The curious mind of the seven-year-old and her eagerness to learn 
     13.  The crying eyes that seek me out for comfort 
     14.  Eighteen-inch arms that wrap me in a tight embrace 
     15.  Blue eyes with short, sometimes spikey, hair that shine with pride over 
            accomplishments small and great. 
     16.  My husband’s leadership into this next phase of our journey 
     17.  The changes that will take place during this next phase 
     18.  Renewing minds, cleansing Word water, changed hearts 
     19.  Four-legged tail-wagger that starts each day with her eager greeting 
     20.  Gentle purrs from the soft, black-as-night kitten 
     21.  Silly Bandz on the floor—each a uniquely shaped footprint—each a 
            reminder of the beautiful little lives sleeping aloft 
     22.  The charger plug that keeps falling out of the back of my computer—a 
            reminder that I have a laptop computer that needs to be plugged in. 
     23.  The discovery and implementation of this gratitude journal 
     24.  Little man’s good-morning cuddles 
     25.  How smoothly the packing has gone so far for this move 
     26.  The chance to live a God story 
     27.  Clean, folded, and put away laundry 
     28.  The father of my children 
     29.  The power of life in the seed 
     30.  Big girl’s easy ability in friend-making 
     31.  Curly girly’s uncanny talent for sleep

"God's finger can touch nothing but to mold it into loveliness.  "
~ George MacDonald

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